Expats have specific relationship problems

Relationship Problems Expats

Although many relationship problems apply to everyone, there are also topics that are specific to expat-couples in the Netherlands. Functioning in a new social environment, you are strongly dependent on each other. This can initially ensure a strong connection, but can cause problems later. With all this, it makes a difference if you both come from abroad or one of you is Dutch.

Staying a good team is not easy. As is common to starting a household, you have to make many decisions in a short time. Where are we going to live? The rents can be high in Dutch cities so the choice is limited. How do we divide our income? Do we buy a car or maybe two? Friends and family want to come and stay. What do we do with that?

Making new friends

Contact with Dutch people is not always obvious. Although the Dutch like to see themselves as open and tolerant, it is difficult to enter existing circles of friends.

The language is not easy and one partner learns faster than the other. Feelings of loneliness can arise. You may gradually more and more regret your decision to move to the Netherlands. This can lead to a strong contrast when your partner is having a good time in the new country.

Raising children

If you have children, special topics about upbringing will play a role. What language or what different languages do we speak at home? To what extent do we want to integrate into Dutch society? Which school do we choose? Are we preparing the children for the return to our homeland?

Sometimes the ultimate question plays constantly a role in the background: How long do we stay in the Netherlands?

Staying together in difficult times

Staying good friends

All these situations require good consultation. You must be able to place yourself in the position of your partner. That is not always easy if you have a challenging job and are busy to adapt to a new environment. As intimate friends and lovers you can discuss things in an open discussion. A time-out can help to restore this special friendship.

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