Relationship Therapy for Expats

A time out to improve your relationship

Relationship Therapy Weekend provides a unique timeout for expats in the Netherlands to improve the relationship with their partner. You stay a weekend at a hotel close to the beaches of Flushing (Zeeland) – in the south west of the Netherlands. You can choose for 3, 5 or 7 private therapy sessions starting at Friday afternoon or Saturday afternoon with an introduction session. Thereafter each day 2 sessions will be scheduled. Between the guided sessions you will have time to relax and work on exercises and your Personal Focus Points.

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About Relationship Therapy Weekend

Relationship Therapy Weekend is a proven concept introduced in 2005 by couple therapists and authors Sjaak Vane and Angèle Nederlof. Trained as Gestalt-psychotherapists they developed their own working method for short term couple therapy. Hundreds of couples from the Netherlands and Flanders experienced their approach to intimate relationships. Recently they have published their 6th book on couple relationships.

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Couple therapy in Flushing

Why short-term therapy?

  • A short timeout can more easily be fitted within a fixed working schedule. This makes Relationship Therapy Weekend suitable for busy households and dual earners in international jobs.
  • Being away from your daily environment makes it easier to focus on each other.
  • The intensity during a session can be kept more easily then in weekly sessions where everyday life distracts from the process of reconnecting. This makes a relationship timeout extremely fruitful.
  • The topics that are presented in the guided therapy sessions can be elaborated together in between.
  • The environment makes it easy to have quality time together. Long beach walks, good restaurants and a swimming pool in the hotel makes each partner more relaxed and open to each other.

Are you interested ?

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