Relationship Therapy Method Expats

How we work

We accept all kinds of situations and focus right from the beginning on the interaction of the couple. No intake, no homework before. You just come and we start working. Started as Gestalt-psychotherapists we have integrated elements of the Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy (EFT) and Solution Focused Therapy as well. We choose the best approach regarding the strength and weaknesses of the relationship.

For this we use a very clear schema of partner-interactions which maps the sort of communication problems you face.

4 tracks to follow

In terms of content we work from 4 tracks.

  • Patterns of communication: what are your good or bad habits?
  • Feelings: do you still feel the need to be together? What has undermined your initial friendship and sincere love?
  • Background: what has shaped your character? What characteristics of your home culture you bring into your relationship?
  • Effort: what efforts will you make (together) to improve your actual situation? It is our goal you come home with new tools and a suitable action plan.
Resolving conflicts

Special programs

In recent years we have developed specialized programs. Each of them comes forth out of one of our books on partner communication, adultery and conflict management. Our books (only in Dutch) are available in every (internet) bookstore. We are specialized in:

  • Resolving conflicts without fighting. Improve your skills as a teamplayer.
  • Adultery as an Emergency Signal. If someone else comes between.
  • Improve your Communication. Dealing with different home-cultures.
  • Feeling lonely and far from home. Giving emotional support when times get hard. Getting back that Special Feeling of the beginning.